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Community and Constituent Services Office

Liz Reed

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Department Head: 
Liz Reed
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Phone: (575) 525-5989
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Community and Constituent Services

Community and Constituent Services Office

About The Community and Constituent Services Office

The Community and Constituent Services Office is a division of the Office of the County Manager. The five-person division staff assists constituents who are experiencing difficulty with or who need access to county governmental services. The staff works collaboratively with departmental directors, managers, elected officials and outside agencies to efficiently and effectively address constituent concerns.  Constituent-services activities are designed to help make government more accessible and responsive.

Staff regularly conducts and participates in community-outreach programs to educate constituents about Doña Ana County’s programs, initiatives, services and resources. Additionally, staff attend meetings throughout the county to hear concerns from the public and from exterior agencies, as well as to discuss interests of mutual concern.

  Some of the tasks of the office include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Respond to constituent inquiries regarding Doña Ana County services;
  • Casework services to provide specific and detailed answers to questions and/or to try to resolve problems;
  • Create external group relations to maintain or develop ties to ensure awareness of constituent concerns and to ensure key groups are informed about the county’s programs and priorities;
  • Public-education programs and activities to help residents better understand Doña Ana County services and abilities, as well as ways to access government.
  • Partner with other agencies and entities – internal and external – to address constituent concerns and to provide opportunities for the public to more effectively engage in the democratic process.

In the summer of 2015, the Community and Constituent Services Office held a community fair at the Del Cerro/Vado Community Resource Center.  More than 140 adults and children attended the event, learning about a range of governmental and outside-agency services available to the public. Nearly 70 bags of donated school supplies were provided to area youth.

​Liz Reed manages the Community and Constituent Services Office. She is joined by Constituent Services Specialist Susie Cordero who handles complaints and concerns from the public. Additionally, Community Outreach Specialists Martie Olivas and Victor Zamora meet with various constituents and groups throughout the county to discuss issues of concern, educate the public about county services, facilitate programs and bring issues back from the field for appropriate handling by county personnel.


Federal Grant Workshop Documents and Video

Doña Ana County’s Community and Constituent Services Office hosted a free grant workshop on Wednesday, March 30 at the Doña Ana County Government Center. Over 100 people registered to attend.

Presentations were from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Office,,  the U.S. Economic Development Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation and eCivis.

Federal Grant Workshop Video (Click to Stream)