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Civic Clerk Subscriptions Sign Up

Civic Clerk Subscriptions Sign Up

Doña Ana County recently changed the way Agendas are publish and subsequently the Agenda Publication Notification system has also changed.  Unfortunately, the new system does not allow us to import your email address meaning you will have to re-signup to receive notifications.  Below are instructions on how-to signup on the new Civic Clerk Agenda System. Please be aware that your Civic Clerk account is not associated with your account on the Doña Ana County.  Your DAC website account credentials will not work with Civic Clerk.

On the County website, navigate to the Agendas Page by clicking on the "Agendas" menu tab then click on the "Agendas" link on the left column.  This will take you to the agendas list page:

Scroll down until you see the "My Subscriptions" section.  Click on the "Login" button

Click on the "Create Account" link to sign up.  Keep in mind that this account IS NOT associated with the login for Doña Ana County.

Fill out the form with your information:

Choose which Meeting Agenda Notifications you'd like to receive:

Click "Submit" and you will be returned to the County Meetings & Agendas page where you should now see the agendas of the commissions and boards you selected.