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School Data

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Las Cruces Public Schools and Major Thoroughfares with Proposed Corridors 06-004 Location map of all elementary, middle, and high schools in the City of Las Cruces, along with all major thoroughfares and proposed corridors. Map Coverage: Las Cruces, NM Version: July 2001
School Locations in Doña Ana County 06-001 Map of school locations in Doña Ana County, broken down according to grade level (High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, and Other). Includes inset map of Las Cruces and major roads. Map Coverage: County-wide Version: September 2011

Transportation Maps

Product Name Order Code Description
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Crossings 08-006 Map of all railroad crossings belonging to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. Includes a location inset map and the mile marker closest to each crossing. Map Coverage: Southeastern Doña Ana County Version: December 2001
Doña Ana County Street Atlas, 2010 Edition OT-001 Road atlas for the County of Doña Ana, covering the communities of Anthony, Berino, Chamberino, Chaparral, Doña Ana, Garfield, Hatch, La Mesa, Las Cruces, La Union, Mesilla, Mesquite, Organ, Picacho, Placitas, Radium Springs, Salem, San Miguel, Santa Teresa, Sunland Park, Tortugas, and Vado. Version: 2010
Major Highways and Railroads in Southern New Mexico 08-005 A map of all major roads and railways in southern New Mexico. Includes portions of El Paso, Texas. Map Coverage: Southern NM / El Paso, TX Version: March 2003
Major Highways and Railroads in the Southwestern US 08-004 A map of all major roads and railways in the southwestern US. Includes all state boundaries, major destinations, and transportation hubs. Map Coverage: Southwestern US / Northern Mexico Version: March 2003
Santa Teresa Intermodal Park 08-008 Map of the Santa Teresa Intermodal Park, placed on top of a USGS topographical map with approximate parcel boundaries. Map Coverage: Santa Teresa, NM Version: August 2003

Utility Maps

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Border Water Utility Service Area 08-001 Map of the border water utility service area, including the on-site water service areas and on-site or contract water areas. Map Coverage: Southern Doña Ana County Version: September 2002
Joint Authority Water and Wastewater Utility Service Area 08-010 Map of the Joint Authority Water and Wastewater Utility Service Area, including the Crowder Water Rights Declaration Area Boundary, the boundary for the City of Sunland Park and major roads in the area. Map Coverage: Sunland Park, NM Version: October 2008
La Union Wastewater Improvements 08-002 Map of improvements to the La Union Wastewater system, including lift stations, force mains, and the collection system. Map Coverage: La Union, NM Version: August 2002