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Population Data

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Potential Population Growth Scenario South of the City of Las Cruces 11-006 Map showing the potential growth scenario of the population south of the City of Las Cruces, based on developed versus developable land. Includes slope percentages for the area. Map Coverage: South of Las Cruces, NM Version: 2005

Planning Maps

Product Name Order Code Description
Building Permit Density 12-002 A series of maps showing changes in building permit density over time in Doña Ana County, beginning in 1985 and ending in 2004. Map Coverage: County-wide Version: 1985 to 2004
Estimated 2040 Buildable Acreage 12-001 Projected buildable acreage for communities in Doña Ana County in the year 2040, based upon the 2000 to 2007 growth rate. Includes data for 2008, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2030, and 2040. Map Coverage: County-wide Version: 2008
Road Easement (Example) 12-003 An example of a road easement map, which includes road labels, the physical address of the affected parcel, and a scanned copy of the easement description. Map Coverage: Not Applicable Version: 2010
Selected Road Easements in Vado 12-004 Aerial photography from 2004 overlaid with selected easements from the Community of Vado. Map Coverage: Vado, NM Version: 2005

Zoning Maps

Product Name Order Code Description
City of Las Cruces ETZ and City of Las Cruces Zoning Map 13-002 Map illustrating the zoned areas for the City of Las Cruces ETZ and the City of Las Cruces. Includes boundaries for the City of Las Cruces, the Town of Mesilla, and the City of Las Cruces ETZ, as well as all major roads. Available in sections or in large size. Map Coverage: Las Cruces, NM Version: October 2011
Community District Zone – Anthony, NM 13-003 Map of the Community District zones for the Village of Anthony. Map Coverage: Anthony, NM Version: October 2011
Doña Ana County Extra Territorial, Community District and Performance District Zoned Areas 13-001 Map of the City of Las Cruces ETZ boundary, the Community District zoned areas, and the Performance District zoned areas throughout the County of Doña Ana. Includes land ownership and major roads. Map Coverage: County-wide Version: January 2012
El Paso MPO Planning Area Extent 13-011 Map of the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) planning area extent in Doña Ana County. Includes portions of the Texas MPO and portions of Otero County. Also displays the southern portion of the Las Cruces MPO. Map Coverage: Southern New Mexico / El Paso, TX Version: 2008
Existing FTZ and Proposed Expansion Sites 13-010 Three areas in Doña Ana County that are existing or proposed expansion sites for the FTZ. Two sites are located in and around Santa Teresa and another near the City of Las Cruces. Includes current and proposed acreage. Map Coverage: Santa Teresa, NM / County-wide Version: 2009