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Doña Ana County Parcel ID School District Designation 06-003 Map of all school district designations by County Parcel ID. Includes all major roads and municipal boundaries. Map Coverage: County-wide Version: March 2010
Las Cruces Public Schools and Major Thoroughfares with Proposed Corridors 06-004 Location map of all elementary, middle, and high schools in the City of Las Cruces, along with all major thoroughfares and proposed corridors. Map Coverage: Las Cruces, NM Version: July 2001
Border Water Utility Service Area 08-001 Map of the border water utility service area, including the on-site water service areas and on-site or contract water areas. Map Coverage: Southern Doña Ana County Version: September 2002
La Union Wastewater Improvements 08-002 Map of improvements to the La Union Wastewater system, including lift stations, force mains, and the collection system. Map Coverage: La Union, NM Version: August 2002
Lift Stations in Southern Doña Ana County 08-003 Map of all lift stations in Southern Doña Ana County, with an inset map of some lift station in the northern part of the County. Each station includes a physical address. Map Coverage: County-wide Version: 2005
Major Highways and Railroads in the Southwestern US 08-004 A map of all major roads and railways in the southwestern US. Includes all state boundaries, major destinations, and transportation hubs. Map Coverage: Southwestern US / Northern Mexico Version: March 2003
Major Highways and Railroads in Southern New Mexico 08-005 A map of all major roads and railways in southern New Mexico. Includes portions of El Paso, Texas. Map Coverage: Southern NM / El Paso, TX Version: March 2003
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Crossings 08-006 Map of all railroad crossings belonging to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. Includes a location inset map and the mile marker closest to each crossing. Map Coverage: Southeastern Doña Ana County Version: December 2001
Rincon Wastewater Treatment Facility 08-007 Map of the Rincon wastewater treatment facility, including buildings, wells, and distances to all nearby drains and laterals. Map Coverage: Rincon, NM Version: 2011
Santa Teresa Intermodal Park 08-008 Map of the Santa Teresa Intermodal Park, placed on top of a USGS topographical map with approximate parcel boundaries. Map Coverage: Santa Teresa, NM Version: August 2003