Doña Ana County

Capital Infrastructure Needs for "Colonias" in Doña Ana County, New Mexico

Capital Infrastructure Needs for "Colonias" in Doña Ana County, New Mexico

The “Colonias Infrastructure Report” provides a comprehensive overview of investments needed in the 37 designated “colonias” of Doña Ana County. The intent of the report is to document the scale of need in these communities as a launch point for development of a responsive, long-term strategy.

Colonias are communities on the U.S side of the international border with Mexico that have been formally designated as lacking critical infrastructure. Most are unincorporated.

Missing or inadequate infrastructure associated with colonia designation includes paved roads, domestic water supply, sewer systems, flood protection, and public facilities.

The report briefly describes each of these systems with particular attention to the responsibilities of County government. Cost estimates are provided for County owned, operated, and maintained systems.

In addition, the report outlines other infrastructure needs in which the County is not directly involved or has a supportive role. Private roads, affordable housing, broadband, and most domestic water supply are examples of these other needs.

The report includes four appendices with details regarding: (a) colonia-related projects on the 2019-2023 ICIP list, (b) roads and highways, (c) storm water management, and (d) wastewater management.

The report was prepared by the County’s Community Development Department, the Utilities Department, and Engineering Department—as well as the Doña Ana County Flood Commission in response to a request from County Commissioner Billy G. Garrett. Chuck McMahon, Assistant County Manager, coordinated report preparation.


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