Doña Ana County



         A sixth grader at Hatch Valley Middle School was awarded the first Doña Ana Board of County Commissioners’ Overcomer Award for middle-school students, launched at their regular meeting, Tuesday.

         Andrew was nominated for the award by the Hatch Valley Middle School sixth grade Core Teachers Team, comprised of Carolyn Archer, Sarah Ammons, Barbara Petermeier and Gilbert Orosco.

         Health issues require Andrew to spend a lot of time in hospitals and at doctor visits.  However, he manages to keep up with his schoolwork, is kind to everyone and has a great sense of humor, his teachers said.

         Doña Ana County Dist. 5 Commissioner Manuel Sanchez, who presented the award, said, “In recognizing students who are facing challenges and working hard to overcome them, we also recognize the caring people who inspire, support and cheer them on, both at home and at school. I was proud to recognize Andrew and his mom.”

         The monthly award was designed to recognize 6th- through 8th- grade children across the county who overcome a challenge, show significant improvement or good citizenship.

         Andrew received a certificate and will be recognized via social media by the county and at a “Commissioner for a Day” event in May.  “This is a great day for him,” said Tanya Mansur, Andrew’s mother.  “He is so happy.”

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*Photo captions:

1. Andrew Mansur receives Overcomer Award from Doña Ana County Dist. 5 Commissioner Manuel Sanchez, as his mother, Tanya Mansur looks on.  

2. Andrew Mansur, center, is the first Overcomer Award recipient, pictured with Commissioner Sanchez to his left and his mother, Tanya Mansur, right.