Doña Ana County

Inmate Programs

Inmate Programs

There are a number of programs in the Dona Ana County Adult Detention Facility for both the physical and mental well being of the inmates. Such programs include:

  • Adult Education
    • Alcoholics Anonymous
    • Anger Management
    • Drug / Alcohol Prevention
    • English as a Second Language
    • General Educational Development
    • Narcotics Anonymous
    • Parenting
    • Sexual Assault Prevention
    • Special Education Classes (Provided by Las Cruces Public School District)
    • Women’s Health Issues
  • Religion
    • Non-denominational Church Services
    • Bible Study
    • General Bible Class
    • Women’s Issues Bible Class
    • Individual Religious Counseling
    • Catholic Mass, Communion and Confession
    • Clergy Visitation
  • Commissary – Inmates are allowed to purchase items from commissary. Such items include personal hygiene, stamps and writing materials, certain clothing items, over-the-counter medications, certain foods and beverages, etc. Profits from commissary are used only for the purchase of program materials, services, recreational equipment and other items for inmates.
  • Inmate Workers
    • Internal Workers – used for facility operations and maintenance within the secure perimeter of the detention facility
    • External Workers – used for facility operations and maintenance, as well as work on public projects, outside the facility and under the direct supervision of an approved employee.
  • Library – Services are provided once every two weeks. Inmates are allowed to check out two books from a portable book cart.

  • Visitation – Inmates are allowed one 30-minute visit per week from family or friends. Professional visits from attorneys, criminal justice system representatives, medical or mental health professionals are limited only to need.

  • Work Release – when approved by the courts, inmates may be released from incarceration so that they may continue to work while serving their sentences. They return to the detention facility upon completion of their work shifts.