Doña Ana County

Prison Rape Elimination Act

Prison Rape Elimination Act

Dona Ana County Detention Center

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in correctional setting such as prisons, jails, lockups, juvenile facilities, and immigration detention facilities. PREA applies to all inmates, employees, contractors and volunteers. Under this law, sexual misconduct includes:

  • Inmate on inmate sexual assault and abuse
  • Staff on inmate sexual assault/abuse
  • Sexual harassment of inmates by staff or other inmates
  • You are also protected from retaliation for making a PREA report

Dona Ana County and the Detention Center’s Role in the Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Doña Ana County Detention Center mandates zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Sexual abuse of a detainee and sexual harassment of a detainee are prohibited.

The Detention Center is committed to zero tolerance of any form of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in facilities it operates directly or with which it holds contracts for the confinement of detainees.

Report Sexual Abuse / Harassment

If you have information regarding a Dona Ana County Detention inmate, who has been the victim of sexual abuse or sexual harassment while under Dona Ana County Detention Center custody, please report it by contacting:

Call (575)647-7604, PREA Coordinator. Messages are checked Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or write to:

NMCD PREA Coordinator
PO Box 639
Las Cruces, NM 88004