Doña Ana County

Visitation Schedule

Visitation Schedule


March 18, 2020

The Doña Ana County Detention Center temporarily suspended on-site, family visitation, effective immediately, to help minimize exposure and the danger of spreading COVID-19 to the community, staff or detainees.

The Center extended online remove visitation hours, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. seven day a week including county holidays. 

Family members may schedule free or fee based visits from home, using a laptop or desktop computer, or smart phone at Family members may choose to download the getting out app to their tablet or smart phone and may also visit from these devices as well.

The Juvenile Detention Center will continue to allow in-person visits.  However, they must be pre-scheduled prior to arrival and will be limited to one visitor at a time, through a glass partition.  To schedule a visit with a juvenile detainee, please call (575) 647-7680.

Detainees continue to be able to make phone calls, at their regularly scheduled times. A number of options are available for inmates to make phone calls, including collect, pre-paid or debit, through  Text messaging is also available  at

This action is in line with those taken by the El Paso County Detention Facility and other detention centers in the state, following guidance from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.



Due to changing visitation providers, on-site visitation is currently not available. Please check back for updates or conduct a remote visit using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, at

Remote visitation hours are as follows:


Juvenile Visitation Information

Visitation hours Monday- Friday  beginning at 5:30PM. Last visit will be accepted up until 9:00PM.

No visitation on weekends or holidays.

Juveniles are allowed three (3) 30 minute visits per week.

Up to 3 visitors at each visit.

Only immediate family members: Parents or legal guardian(s), grandparents, siblings.

Visitors must present a valid government issued ID.

Minors must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian and present a birth certificate if not in possession of a valid government ID.

Nothing will be passed between visitors and detainees nor will detention personnel pass any item for any reason nor deliver personal messages.


Visitors can check in at the Reception desk for SHU, AB & Medical visits. All visitors can check in at the East Visitation desk. Only 3 visitors are allowed. Regular visits will be video visitation.

Detainees are permitted one (1) thirty minute visit per week. Three individuals may be present at this visit, and all individuals must show valid photo ID. Children under 18 years of age can show a birth certificate instead of photo ID and be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. A valid photo ID is one that is issued by State or Federal Government of the U.S. or Mexico.

Nothing is permitted to pass between visitors and detainees during visitation for any reason. Detention center personnel are not permitted to pass anything to inmates or deliver verbal messages.

Visitors who need legal documents signed can contact Inmate Programs Specialists Margarita Miller 575-647-7648, Sonya Graczyk 647-7695 or Brenda Biscaino 647-7672.

For Religious items contact Chaplain Beam or Chaplain Stickles at 575-647-7636.

Facility Dress Code

Visitors must comply with the facility dress code, which is as follows:

  1. No halter tops, tank tops or A-undershirts, swim suits, short skirts/dresses, low-cut necklines, or see-through clothing.
  2. Shorts must be no higher then two inches above the knee. Shorts cannot be cutoffs, tattered, torn or otherwise unserviceable. Shorts that exhibit excessive wear, tears or rips will not be allowed in the facility.
  3. No items of clothing with anything considered pornographic/sexually explicit and/or derogatory/inflammatory shall be allowed.
  4. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Phone Numbers:


Visitors who need legal documents signed can contact Inmate Programs Specialists:

  • Margarita Miller 647-7648,
  • Sonya Graczyk 647-7695, or
  • Brenda Biscaino 647-7672.

For Religious items contact Chaplain Beam or Chaplain Stickles at 575-647-7636.

  • Visitation info: 575-647-7652
  • Inmate Phone Svc.: 1-888-288-9879
  • Inmate Money Svc.: 575-647-7653