Doña Ana County

Videos de Juntas BOCC

Since Oct. 23, 2007, the video minutes of the Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners have been archived on the Doña Ana County website for viewing by interested parties.

Each meeting of the Commission also streams live off the website as it unfolds, and ‐ since 2008 ‐ Doña Ana County has partnered with the City of Las Cruces Public Information Office to rebroadcast Commission meetings each Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. on Comcast Channel 20.

The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners and management staff believe in transparency and accessibility to official meetings for those who may not be able to attend meetings in person.Select a meeting video from the list below. The videos are streamed using HTML5 and H264 to those systems that support it, and via Flash (10.1 or greater) to all other systems.

This list represents recording of past meetings as well as minutes from those meetings. If you want to watch a live stream of a meeting currently in progress, go to the live page.

Estos no son los minutos locales vigentes. Las actas aprobadas oficiales pueden ser revisados ​​en la Oficina del Secretario del Condado.
2014-09-02BOCC Special Meeting: September 02, 2014View Meeting
2014-08-29BOCC Special Meeting: August 29, 2014View Meeting
2014-08-26BOCC Regular Meeting: August 26, 2014View Meeting
2014-08-19BOCC Work Session: August 19, 2014View Meeting
2014-08-12BOCC Regular Meeting: August 12, 2014View Meeting
2014-07-22BOCC Regular Meeting: July 22, 2014View Meeting
2014-07-08BOCC Regular Meeting: July 08, 2014View Meeting
2014-06-24BOCC Special Meeting: June 24, 2014View Meeting
2014-06-24BOCC Regular Meeting: June 24, 2014View Meeting
2014-06-10BOCC Regular Meeting: June 10, 2014View Meeting
2014-06-10BOCC Special Meeting: June 10, 2014View Meeting
2014-06-06BOCC Special Meeting: June 06, 2014View Meeting
2014-05-27BOCC Regular Meeting: May 27, 2014View Meeting
2014-05-16BOCC Special Meeting: May 16, 2014View Meeting
2014-05-13BOCC Regular Meeting: May 13, 2014View Meeting
2014-04-29BOCC Work Session: April 29, 2014View Meeting
2014-04-22BOCC Regular Meeting: April 22, 2014View Meeting
2014-04-08BOCC Regular Meeting: April 08, 2014View Meeting
2014-04-01BOCC Work Session: April 01, 2014View Meeting
2014-03-25BOCC Regular Meeting: March 25, 2014View Meeting