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Control Vectorial - Prevencion

Control Vectorial - Prevencion



A step-by-step guide to effective chemical controls for mosquitoes


Larval Control

Using mosquito larvicide may be beneficial when it is impractical to eliminate a breeding site. A larvi-cide controls immature mosquitoes before they can develop into biting adults.
We recommend larvicides containing either of the following:

* Bacillus thuringiensis isrealensis, which can be found in mosquito dunks and granules.
* Methoprene, which can be found in granular form for water treatment.
Neither of these chemicals is harmful to fish, waterfowl, pets or humans when used as directed.

Adult Control

To reduce levels of biting mosquitoes, insecticides can be applied grass, shrubs , low-hanging tree limbs and shaded areas (under decks and along foundations). Aerosols and hand-held pump sprayers are convenient for these applications. Always read and follow label instructions before using any pesticide, or contract with a professional.
We recommend pesticides containing any of the following:

* 7.9 Bifenthrin, Indoor/ Outdoor Insect Concentrate

* Cyfluthrin, which can be found in Bayer Advanced PowerForce Mosqui-to Killer

* Lambda-cyhalothrin, which can be found in Spectracide Triazicide

* Permethrin, which can be found in Ortho Mosquito B Gone, Spectracide Mosquito Stop and Gordon’s 10 Permethrin.

Each of these products is available in ready-to-use concentrate by connecting to a garden-hose sprayer or
dispensed via a hand-held garden pump sprayer. All are available at hardware and home-improvement stores.

Personal Protection from Bites

Stay indoors during morning and evening hours. Avoid shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Use repellants containing DEET (diethyl toluamide), and apply the repellant to both skin and clothing.
Ineffective Control Options
Don’t rely on : 1) bug zappers; 2) traps that rely on carbon monoxide, warmth, light or odors; 3) porta-ble electronic devices that use ultrasonic sound; or 4) scented candles or incense.

Think of Your Canine Friends

Your family dogs are susceptible to infection with heartworm through mosquito bites. A preventive drug treatment is available through your veterinarian.



Thankfully essential water is flowing in our desert community. Large area irrigation reaches a peak with the scheduled water releases. Dona Ana Vector Control appreciates the effort our area farmers put into managing the water as a ground soak.  This prevents standing open water which breeds mosquitoes. Our farmers do a serious work to keep drains, ditches, and culverts free of weeds and trash so water can move to outlets and drain properly.

Our monsoon rains are due to arrive soon. So working as “neighbors helping neighbors” we control mosquitoes by draining out the backyard container collection. Watch for those flower pots with deep saucers, trash barrels without drainage holes, and the old tires piled behind the shed.  Now is the time to haul to transfer station and take advantage of their low disposal fees.

Vector Control is happy for every child with a small wading pool, please keep the water fresh and tended. Livestock need substantial water troughs to get the needed drinking water. Consider using mosquito control products like Dunks in large water containers. Safe and effective products to treat mosquitoes are available at all major hardware stores. Large unused swimming pools are easy to treat with Mosquito Dunks to prevent mosquitoes. Desert smart people store rainwater in cisterns for later use make sure they are mosquito screened or treated to prevent hatch.

Desert mosquitoes like deep grass and weeds to provide cooling shade and moisture. Keep the grass and shrubs well trimmed close to the house so adult mosquitoes will not rest there. To reduce levels of biting mosquitoes and gnats, insecticides can be applied to shade areas of the yard and barns as needed. Always read and follow label directions before using any pesticide. Please consult with County Ag Extension staff if you need more information on barn treatments with livestock on premises.

Mosquitoes are attracted to door lights and moisture so you may have to swat them as soon as they enter.  When you step out in early mornings or evenings please consider using an effective repellent to reduce the number of mosquitoes landing to bite! Carefully read and follow manufacturer’s directions for use.

Dona Ana County leadership, our Managers and Commissioners, embraced education as way to combat West Nile Virus. I would like to thank every person employed by the County that contributed to the development of our Coloring Book for Mosquito Science Education. Thousands of children have had an introduction to mosquito control as an application of working field biology. The staff at schools has been wonderful to work with. So happy with our science approach that the schools requested we do a refresher, Mosquito Control as math homework. A special thanks to all those children who did their math projects. Should you check with our mosquito control educated children, they may encourage natural mosquito control in ponded water with gambusia minnows. Deep water rain ponds and back yard fountains can be stocked with minnows to prevent mosquito wigglers. Dona Ana County provides free minnows to citizens at 4605 West Picacho Avenue. Vector staff is onsite Tuesday morning 8:00am till 10:00am providing minnows in travel bags. Please bring your bucket to prevent any leaks in transport.

Large areas of standing water are reported to 575-526-8150 for Vector site inspection

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