Doña Ana County

Centro de Información Conjunta COVID19 - 26 de marzo de 2020

Centro de Información Conjunta COVID19 - 26 de marzo de 2020

The Joint Information Center, JIC is comprised of Public Information Officers representing several organizations, across Doña Ana County. The group meets remotely, regularly to share information regarding concerns related to COVID-19 and assess its impact on Doña Ana County residents. Information is disseminated through traditional media channels and updates are posted to the Doña Ana County website at and at

  1. City of Anthony 

Except for police departmentthe city has been closed since Tuesday until further notice, including the MVD.   

  1. City of Sunland Park 

Operations are same as yesterday. Looking at city’s website to add a link to COVID-19 information. Social media will be updated also. Currently dealing with an earthquake that happened just after 9 a.m. Magnitude is 4.7 about 200 miles away 

  1. City of Las Cruce 

Nothing new to report, updated website with solid waste restrictions related to landfill hours.  Mayor is working on his segment of the PSA. Considering closing Foothills site. Residents are encouraged to check the city’s website for updates.   

  1. Las Cruces Police Department  

No update.  

  1. Las Cruces Public Schools 

New: Teachers, counselors and staff working out a plan for graduating seniors and working closely with PED, awaiting guidance. 

Finalized a PSA script for city/county/LCPS trusted voices to reassure the public amid the pandemic, encouraging residents about what they can do to help.  

Getting Census 2020 pushed out and advertised. 

And getting educational resources online. 

  1. Doña Ana County 
  • The South Central Solid Waste System is restricting access to their facilities throughout Doña Ana County starting at noon Friday, March 27. A full list is published, under the News tab, on the Doña Ana County website. 
  • Doña Ana County’s Animal Control and Codes Enforcement will prioritize emergency calls such as animal cruelty or neglect, bites to humans, dangerous dog complaints and significant clean-up operations that present a safety risk to the community.  Call 911 for emergencies. If unsure or to report other concerns, please call (575) 526-0795 and choose option 6, 
  •  County Commission met, livestreamed, but physically closed to public access. Video will be available soon at 
  •  The Community Development Department continues to provide services to the public, including building permits, inspections, planning, zoning enforcement, building inspections and GIS mapping.  All development applications and building plans may be submitted either electronically or by mail.  Payments can be made via phone or mail. 
  • Zoning and subdivision applications are still being received for processing and review, though P&Z hearings are suspended.  
  • For inquiries, please call 575-647-7350, or Christina Ainsworth at 575-339-8575, . 
  1. Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office 

Nothing new operationally. Still working on a process for priority testing to symptomatic first responders 

  1. Village of Hatch 

No report.  

  1. Town of Mesilla 

Nothing new for Thursday 

  1. Memorial Medical Center 

Nothing new to report  

  1. Mountain View Regional Medical Center 

Nothing new to report    

  1. New Mexico State University 

NMSU is looking at food insecurity issues on campus. Aggie Cupboard is the food bank on campus and has seen double the demand, but fewer donations. Typically work with outside donations, Casa de Peregrinos, and Roadrunner Food Bank.     

  1. New Mexico State University Police  

Nothing new to report on Thursday.    

  1. Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 

Pushing out information on processes available for symptomatic first responders to get testing.  

  1. Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility 

No report Wednesday  

  1. State of NM Aging & Long-Term Illness 

In phase 2 of handling out tablets to nursing homes and assistant livings so they can keep in touch with family members. 

Making sure that facility is not doing any unsafe discharges. 

Families have been wanting to move loved ones.  

Nursing homes are working with DOH to make sure everyone is cared for. 

  1. Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority (MVRDA) 

Nothing new to report  

  1. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, El Paso Sector 

No report Thursday 

  1. New Mexico Department of Health 

      No report Thursday.