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Fire And Emergency Services

Nicholas Hempel

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Fire Chief
Department Head: 
Nicholas Hempel
1430 Portland Dr.
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005
(575) 647-7921
(575) 525-5998
(575) 525-5951
Phone: (575) 647-7921
Fax: (575) 525-5998
TDD: (575) 525-5951

Fire And Emergency Services

Fire and Emergency Services Logo The Doña Ana County Fire and Emergency Services Department consists of Fire Administration overseeing 16 districts operating out of 19 stations:


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District 1 – Doña Ana District 9 – Chaparral
District 2 – Anthony District 10 – Mesquite
District 3 – New Mexico State University District 11 – Garfield
District 4 – La Mesa District 12 – Fairacres
District 5 – Organ District 13 – South Valley
District 6 – Rincon District 14 – Santa Teresa
District 7 – La Union District 15 – Las Alturas
District 8 – Radium Springs District 16 – Chamberino

The districts are staffed by approximately 250 volunteer firefighters and supplemented by 15 career firefighters who are stationed at the busiest districts in the county. They respond to medical emergencies, fires, automobile accidents, and rescue situations. All districts are staffed at a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician – Basic level, while most are recognized at the Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate level. The Doña Ana County Fire and Emergency Services Department has a Hazardous Materials Response Team equipped with specialized testing, sampling, and decontamination equipment.

The Fire Chief is the official in charge of the Doña Ana County Fire and Emergency Services Department. The Fire Department is responsible for the protection of lives and property through fire prevention and education, firefighting and Emergency Medical Services response, fire investigations, building-plan reviews, occupancy inspections, ambulance service contract administration, training, and oversight of the Office of Emergency Management. The Fire Department is currently staffed by six personnel including the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, two Fire Prevention Captains, EMS/Training Captain, and an Administrative Assistant.

Fire Administration oversees the operation of the Doña Ana County Fire and Emergency Services Resource and Training Center which was purchased in late 2011. This facility features a large classroom, burn building and tower, burn props, and the headquarters for Fire Administration. It is currently being utilized as a storage facility for reserve apparatus and equipment, and as the county’s training center.

Our mission is to provide quality fire and emergency services to the citizens of Doña Ana County consistent with the Constitutional directive to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.

Contact Information:

Doña Ana County Fire and Emergency Services
Fire Department & Resource and Training Center
1430 Portland Dr.
Las Cruces, NM 88005
Phone (575) 647-7921
Fax (575) 525-5998