Doña Ana County

Legal Fireworks

Legal Fireworks

State Statute 60-2C Fireworks licensing and Safety
County Ordinance No. 233-07

Within the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County, permissible fireworks are ground and hand-held sparkling devices, including: (County Ordinance No. 233-07)

  1. Cone fountains
  2. Crackling devices
  3. Cylindrical fountains
  4. Flitter sparklers
  5. Ground spinners
  6. Illuminating torches
  7. Wheels
  8. Novelty items

The following types of fireworks are non-permissible fireworks and their possession, sale, possession for sale and use is prohibited within the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County: (County Ordinance No. 233-07)

  1. All fireworks prohibited under the New Mexico Fireworks Safety Act.
  2. All aerial devices including:
    • Aerial shell kit-reloadable tubes
    • Aerial spinners
    • Helicopters
    • Mines
    • Missile-type rockets
    • Multiple tube devices
    • Roman candles
    • Shells
    • Stick-type rockets
  3. All ground audible devices, including:
    • Chasers
    • Firecrackers

Permissible fireworks may be sold at retail in the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County, New Mexico, between June 20 and July 6 of each year, six days preceding and including New Year’s Day, three days preceding and including Chinese New Year, September 16th, and Cinco de Mayo. (State Statute 60-2C / County Ordinance No. 233-07).

  1. Fireworks may not be sold at retail without:
    • State Fire Marshal’s Retail Fireworks Permit
    • County Business Registration
    • County Retail Fireworks Permit
    • All permits shall be displayed at the location where the retail sale takes place.
  2. It is unlawful to offer for sale or to sell fireworks to
    • children under the age of sixteen years
    • an intoxicated person

Fireworks shall not be discharged within:

  1. One hundred fifty (150) feet of a fireworks retail sales location.
  2. On state forestland, wild lands, or a Bosque.
  3. A person shall not ignite fireworks within a motor vehicle or throw fireworks from a motor vehicle.
  4. A person shall not throw ignited fireworks into or at a motor vehicle
  5. A person shall not place or throw ignited fireworks at or near a person or group of people.
  6. The discharge of fireworks on County roads and rights-of-way is hereby prohibited.