Doña Ana County

Outreach and Education

Outreach and Education


The Community Outreach Division was formally institutionalized by the Doña Ana County Board of County Commissioners in 2003. The Community Outreach Division provides the mechanism to reach the residents of rural communities or “colonias” in Doña Ana County.

The Community Outreach Division works as a liaison among community residents, county programs, and other health or human service providers. In order to build relationships and de-centralize services, the department utilizes six Community Resource Centers (CRCs) located in rural communities. These CRCs are used by the county and other health and human service providers to deliver direct services.

The division is responsible for county-wide outreach activities through networking, planning and community organizing in neighborhoods and rural communities by forming community coalitions to identify and address unmet health and human service needs. The outreach process revolves around the monthly planning meeting, the “Convivio” from the word “Convivir” (to share); this session allows the communication between county staff and the community residents to request educational classes and services. The division performs outreach and facilitates program services for the other HHS divisions in addition to other Doña Ana County departments.  The Community Outreach Division coordinates the delivery of services by developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships with a variety of local providers. By offering a location at the centers, facilitation by County staff and/or AmeriCorps VISTA members the division is able to offer resources to the providers that offer the services. This is a true collaboration that benefits rural residents and accomplishes the mission of the department.


9350 Berry Patch Ln., Las Cruces, NM 88011
(575) 382-5237
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400 E. Lisa Dr., Chaparral, NM 88081
(575) 824-4173
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5745 Ledesma Dr., Doña Ana, NM 88007
(575) 526-8807
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5880 Second St., Organ, NM 88052
(575) 386-4350
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220 Baker St., Rincon NM 87940
(575) 267-0035

12060 Lindbeck Rd., Radium Springs, NM 88054
(575) 523-8650
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180 La Fe Ave., Vado, NM 88048
(575) 233-0946
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The Health Promotion staff offers presentations on communication, the effects of alcohol on the brain and body, DWI laws, inhalants, marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, prescription drug abuse, social network safety, and cyberbullying. The staff has an abundance of resources such as information pamphlets and educational presentations for schools, parents, employers, and the community.  If there is a health topic you are interested in, the Health Promotion team will find the information or a provider that can offer the information.

If you are a parent, business, agency or an interested community member that would like information about prevention or a presentation, contact the Health Promotion Staff at (575) 525-5833.

Businesses and community members should not hesitate in contacting the Health Promotion Staff at HHS for issues regarding alcohol or drugs to assist in bringing staff up to date on the issues or problems that may be occurring at work or in the community.

  • One time school presentations are available
  • Drivers Ed (DWI) class presentations
  • Health fairs

Curriculum and training available to the schools/teachers are:

  • Elementary: "Protecting you, Protecting me"
  • Middle/High school Helping Our Youth (HOY) Alcohol and Other Drug Curriculum

Businesses can request these educational services to include alcohol awareness and its effects on employees and workplace.