Doña Ana County

Online Pet Licensing

Online Pet Licensing

Online Pet Licensing

      Companion animals in Doña Ana County and the City of Las Cruces are required to be licensed, and the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley has made the process as easy as a few clicks and keystrokes on any computer with Internet access.                                                                                                                                

Contracting with PetData.Com, the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley has made it much easier for responsible pet owners to come into compliance with both city and county licensing laws.

     Basic annual fees for licensing dogs, cats and rabbits are $7 for spayed/neutered animals and $50 for unaltered animals. In the county, there is a one-time fee of $10 for altered animals belonging to senior citizens. Within the City of Las Cruces, licenses for animals belonging to seniors are $5 annually. There is no cost to license a qualified service animal. PetData charges an additional $1.95 fee for the online service, with the Animal Services Center receiving its share. Payment options include Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express.

     By going to, pet owners can click through to the licensing tab, where they will be led through the process and can make the appropriate payment online.

     Owners can also license their animals in person at the Animal Services Center facility, located at 3551 Bataan Memorial West in Las Cruces.

     Regardless of whether licensing a pet in person or online, owners are required to submit proof of current vaccinations, proof that the animal is microchipped and proof of the animal’s reproductive status. These documents must be scanned and attached to the license application prior to making payment online.

      The Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley provides PetData with the metal licenses, which are then mailed to pet owners who use the service. Licenses obtained at the Animal Services Center are provided at the time of payment.

      Owners of unaltered animals who wish to avoid the higher annual fees associated with intact animals can make appointments to have low-cost spay/neuter surgeries performed by the Animal Services Center’s veterinarian. The Animal Services Center also offers low-cost microchipping services.

     In addition to the low-cost surgeries and microchips offered by the Animal Services Center, the Doña Ana County Coalition for Pets and People, SNAP and the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico routinely offer the services at discounted prices at various events throughout the year.

      In establishing higher licensing costs for unaltered animals, both city and county officials are hopeful that more animals will be fixed, thereby dramatically reducing the annual intake of adoptable animals into the Animal Services Center each year. The strategy ties in with the Zero in Seven initiative, which has been embraced by both the Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners and the Las Cruces City Council.

      The goal of Zero in Seven is to ensure that by calendar year 2019, no healthy, adoptable animals will require euthanization by the Animal Services Center staff. Driving down the annual intake numbers is key to the strategy.

     Codes and animal control officers in both the city and the county are empowered to issue citations to pet owners who are not in compliance with licensing requirements for all dogs, cats and rabbits at any residence within Doña Ana County.

     Revenue from licensing will fund Animal Services Center improvements and program initiatives.

     For more information on pet licensing and responsible pet ownership, visit, or call (575) 382-0018.