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Doña Ana County Fire and Emergency Services Station #9 in Chaparral is getting a new kitchen and a fresh coat of paint.  The remodel is part of the preparations to convert the station to a 24-hour, seven days a week operation.

“The County is committed to meeting the needs of each community with a faster-response, high quality services and dedicated personnel,” said Doña Ana County Fire Chief Shannon Cherry.  “As each area grows or changes, so do the residents’ needs.  We continuously monitor those changes and integrate them into our operational discussions, calibrating budgets, and timing into both the long- and short-term plans.”

The Fire and Emergency Services Department will assign full-time firefighters to Station #9, ensuring firefighters are available in Chaparral, at all times.

“We very much appreciate and value our volunteer firefighters and they will continue to work at Station #9, along with full-time employees,” Chief Cherry said.  “We want to provide Chaparral, as well as the rest of the County residents, with the highest quality of service possible.”

The remodel cost, nearly $40,000 was budgeted by the County.  It includes a full-service kitchen, cabinetry and a stocked pantry to ensure it accommodates personnel who will work there throughout the day and night.

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