Doña Ana County

COVID19 Joint Information Center - March 20, 2020

COVID19 Joint Information Center - March 20, 2020

The Joint Information Center, JIC is comprised of Public Information Officers representing several organizations, across Doña Ana County. The group conferences regularly to share information and continuously update each other and the community, regarding concerns related to COVID-19 and assess its impact on Doña Ana County residents. Information, as it relates to the public, will be disseminated through traditional media channels and updates are posted to the Doña Ana County website at and at


1.            City of Anthony

No operational changes.  

1.            City of Sunland Park

Two city employees are out sick, so efforts are underway to ramp up cleaning and disinfecting at all operations for protection of personnel and public. Operations are the same as previous notification. There is currently no need to open quarantine areas as of this update.  Fire/EMTs had three asymptomatic responses, and are keeping track of that on a spreadsheet for reporting purposes. 

1.            City of Las Cruces

•                    Roadrunner Transit will reduce hours beginning Monday, March 23.

•                   To reduce large gatherings and in response to a reduction in bus operators, riders are         asked to limit transportation to those who need medical care, pharmacy visits, critical       job access and grocery shopping. 

•                   Service will run 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Monday – Saturday

•                   Same schedule for Dial-A-Ride

•                   Customers are asked to call 541-2777 (Dial-A-Ride number)


1.            Las Cruces Police Department 

Reminder that Monday LCPD will open the lobby for records pickup. Until further notice, Monday is the only day the lobby will be open for this function. Police have been assisting with monitoring traffic on Solano and Spruce as public testing for COVID-19 began at 9 a.m.  

1.            Las Cruces Public Schools

Teachers have been reaching out to students on a regular basis, starting Thursday. They are providing online resources for students and parents. Updating website regularly, with guidance from instructional staff on available enrichment materials for students. Thursday’s meal service count was over 10,000. 

1.            Doña Ana County

All updates from yesterday are still in effect. 

Jamie Michael, Health and Human Services, asked if it was possible to know the percentae of people who showed up to the test site that met the criteria to be screened. The bigger question: is our public health messaging being received? Additionally, she is hearing that area physicians are advising patients to go to Urgent Care or the ER. Reminder: those with symptoms included in the public health advisory should be calling the Coronavirus hotline.  

A new concern: Jamie is getting questions from the public on the process of alerting officials to members of the public – known to have traveled outside the country – to be out in public, not following the self-quarantine directive. The JIC is currently awaiting direction on that. State Police has reportedly been handling some of those calls. 


1.            Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office

CYFD has advised they changed their application process for first responders who need childcare. The application is now available online at Indicate if you are a first responder for priority placement. 

Sheriff Stewart: The New Mexico Attorney General has issued a ruling on all public meetings, instructing that they cannot close meetings to the public. 

First responders should be getting priority testing for symptomatic cases. Sheriff Stewart made a request of the DOH that a protocol be put in place to keep essential law enforcement healthy.  Also, if law enforcement is responding to an address where someone in the household has been affected by COVID-19, there needs to be a notification in place. 

Operationally, DASO is limiting their proactive response and taking precautionary measures with transport. Discussions are underway on how to handle symptomatic detainees. 

1.            Village of Hatch

No report. 

1.            Town of Mesilla

No new updates. 

Memorial Medical Center

Updates expected later today. 

1.            Mountain View Regional Medical Center

Representatives have reached out to the DOH regarding a story that aired on a local news channel that included information not verified by a direct source. Efforts are underway to make contact with that outlet.  

1.            New Mexico State University

Nothing new to report at this time. Efforts to clean five million square feet of buildings on campus continue, with additional equipment arriving next week to keep things efficient. 

1.            New Mexico State University Police 

Changed hours for Records department similar to LCPD; records will be available 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays only. 

1.            Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

All executive leadership has been notified of DOH updates. Testing going well; process is to pre-screen to determine the need for additional testing. Those who meet criteria are sent to a secondary screening location for testing.  Calm response from the public. Single point of contact directive messaging will be pushed out today. Declaration of Disaster forthcoming for reimbursements. 

1.            Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility

No report Friday. Previous report: Prison officials have canceled all visitation. They have also suspended all city highway work crew details. Some employees are on self-quarantine.  

1.            New Mexico Department of Health

No report Friday. (*Please note that due to the level of commitment of our local DOH PIO in Santa Fe, representation is not always possible for JIC conference call updates.)