Doña Ana County

COVID19 Joint Information Center - March 31, 2020

COVID19 Joint Information Center - March 31, 2020

  1. City of Anthony

Nothing new to report from Anthony PD, aside from official announcement that all public parks are closed. Police have answered a few calls related to large parties that were addressed with public education and compliance.

  1. City of Sunland Park

Launched PSA on both city website and Sunland Park social media. Anticipate signage at all city parks today reinforcing the closure.   

  1. City of Las Cruces

City had special meeting yesterday from 2 to 6 p.m. via Zoom. There was a lot of discussion, and a decision to meet again Friday at 9:30 to use a budget adjustment from the Telshor Fund that is used for various programs. Anyone can join the meeting by clicking!  

  1. Las Cruces Police Department

Had a busy evening and morning – nothing specific to the JIC. Answering internal calls to city council related to public health order.

  1. Las Cruces Public Schools

Working on updating the original website to support remote learning. Teachers are working on lesson plans for the next seven weeks – will continue contacting and engaging with students and families during the shutdown. Priority is still the meal distribution efforts.  

  1. Doña Ana County
  • Set up a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 news.
  • Health and Human Services: had a question directed to MMC related to the city council presentation from yesterday. Is MMC putting together media messaging? The concern is to stay consistent with those messages. Ryan is working through JIC for that. Discussion on doing something like what was done awhile back when we had a flu epidemic locally. Suggestion was made to produce a PSA with John Harris for the second phase of PSAs.
  • Kelly will coordinate a sidebar conference with city/county/JIC to facilitate speaking circuit among local trusted voices at area radio stations.
  1. Doña Ana County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff relayed information that a county facility was broken into over the weekend. DASO has been trying to get a plan together that addresses all county property and outbuildings so enforcement/patrol can be aware.

Few visitors are coming to the main lobby on Wednesdays but will continue to keep it open one day a week for records.

A reminder was made to all agencies to request frequent patrols during the public health order of vulnerable properties. LCPD is currently conducting frequent patrols of all school campuses.

  1. Village of Hatch

No report Tuesday.

  1. Town of Mesilla

Nothing new to report Tuesday.   

  1. Memorial Medical Center (MMC)

Nothing to report Tuesday.

  1. Mountain View Regional Medical Center

The hospital is working with Vitalant to host a blood drive at the senior center Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In compliance with social distancing, the drive will be done by appointment only. Flyer is attached to the notes for anyone wanting to share this information. Kelly will send out to the media. 877-25VITAL

Here’s the link for anyone who would like to participate or share:

   12. New Mexico State University

Nothing to report Tuesday.    

  1. New Mexico State University Police

Records section will not be open on Mondays; will fill requests by appointment only. Anyone who would like to make an appointment can call 575-646-3311.   

  1. Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Nothing to report Tuesday.  

  1. Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility

No changes, still enforcing medical screening.  

  1. State of NM Aging & Long-Term Services - Ombudsman Program

Nothing new to report Tuesday.

  1. Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority (MVRDA)

Nothing to report Tuesday.

  1. U.S. Customs and Border Protection, El Paso Sector

Nothing new operationally, Officer Barron reported they are functioning at full capacity and zero agents are symptomatic.

  1. New Mexico Department of Health

The governor will host a teleconference at 4 p.m. today that will be livestreamed. Also, this afternoon DOH will send out revised numbers sometime after 3 p.m. Public Health Office is now the place to go for testing. Once the self-screening tool is used and you are flagged for testing, you can go to the Public Health Office in Las Cruces for testing. David Morgan will send additional information to the JIC. To summarize, there are two ways to get tested: with a doctor’s referral, or via the self-screen over the phone with DOH.

There was a question from Sunland Park about first-responder priority testing. David Morgan: still no clear direction from the state on protocol for priority testing but Jamie, via Cullen, advised there is a process to self-screen: Once a first responder is flagged for testing, they are prioritized. Process is elevated if a first responder has encountered a positive person.