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Doña Ana County Precincts Selected in Post-Election System Check

Doña Ana County Precincts Selected in Post-Election System Check

Three precincts in Doña Ana County were randomly selected by the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office to be included in a required post-election system check, which is one of many audits conducted to ensure accuracy in the voting process. The office is scheduled to begin the check on Monday, November 23, at 9:00 am at 2480 Lakeside Dr., Las Cruces, NM.

The three precincts are 31, 33, and 112. To view a map of all precincts in the Doña Ana County area, please go to

Pursuant to 1-14-13.2 NMSA, “For each selected office, the auditor shall publicly select a random sample of precincts from a pool of all precincts in the state no later than twelve days after the election. The random sample shall be chosen in a process that will ensure, with at least ninety percent probability for the selected offices, that faulty tabulators would be detected if they would change the outcome of the election for a selected office.”

“The beauty of our election process is that, per statute, there are numerous processes and procedures put in place to ensure fairness and accountability,” said Doña Ana County Clerk Amanda López-Askin, “Several audits take place prior to when results are finalized. The post-election system check in general election years is one of those.”

The Clerk’s Office is required to submit audit results within ten days of the notice to the Secretary of State’s Office.

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